Susan Pattee

There is a new, clear-cut #1 real estate company in Indianapolis, The Somerville Team. I have worked with the others, and Kim and Libby far superceed the “competition” in service as well as in results. As far as I am concerned, they really have no competition in Indianaolis for #1 realtor status.

Ryan & Sara Snow

Libby and Kim were absolutely stars when it came to selling our home.  They were strategic about the timing of the listing and the exclusive first showings, and their commitment to follow through with each prospective buyer was what ultimately got the job done.  Our home sold in under a week and we couldn’t have been happier.

Charles & Judith Hart

Take note please – the Re/Max Somerville Team has a genuine star, home run hitter and go-to guy with a deep bench in Kim Baxter. After three months of representation by another realtor, Judith and I said, “Enough!” In short order, I mean days, not weeks, Kim and the Somerville Team laid out a plan that brought many prospects to our door. From the “For Sale” sign outside, to the online virtual tour representation, to the hands-on meet/greet/show, we were represented in a manner one can only call spectacular. The Somerville Team and Kim’s work ethic paid off in a way that shows what hard work and a well thought out plan can accomplish. Late on a Friday night after two long afternoon showings, as Kim was locking up at 7:30 pm, a couple came by and asked, “Any chance we could take a quick look at the house?” That quick look turned into a 45 min. quick look but ended up back at this couples’ house where an offer was made. Judith and I can not thank Kim and The Somerville Team enough for how well their efforts paid off for us. A “well done” is an understatement. The folks in the Meridian Kessler neighborhood are lucky to have such a strong and dedicated sales team to represent them. They did for us, and we will be forever thankful to Team Somerville and their star, Kim Baxter.

Anne and Andrew Sellers

Going on almost 20 years now, doing business with Libby and Kim has always been exceptional. They have worked hard for us, and have been very patient with us. They have found us wonderful homes in the locations we wanted to be in, and always acted in our best interest as we purchased a home. And they sold one of our homes in eight days, and another one in only one day. They exhibit the highest level of honesty and professionalism. We highly recommend hiring The Somerville Team as your real estate agent.

Clinton & Annie Crafton

The Somerville Team prepared, listed and sold our home. They also helped us find and purchase our new home. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking to buy or sell a home in the Indy area. We interacted with several members of this agency and every single interaction was positive. Our home sold much faster than anyone predicted, due to their effort and tremendous assistance on setting the home up in advance. When we purchased our new home, there were many problems with the seller and other parties, but the Somerville Team met all obstacles and ensured that our stress was low and our objectives were met every time. Just fantastic service throughout!