The Somerville Team isn’t just a good team … we’re a great one. We work together to showcase properties in creative, innovative ways. And we insist on incorporating three key elements with every call we make, every client we represent, and every goal we meet.

We earn it. Because we know that your home is a huge nancial and emotional investment. Our top-notch reputation has been earned, because we serve our clients with integrity, respect and solid know-how. We live where we sell, so your community is our community. You can put your trust in us.

We bring it. We provide impeccable service, business savvy and industry expertise – all with
a strong dose of passion. And our clients know and feel it. With determination and immense enthusiasm, we plunge in and get down to business with every single property. You know how some people are obsessed with the latest fashions, a winning sports team or fancy electronic trends? We are obsessed with real estate. And luckily, it’s also our job … and we do it for you.

We deliver those, too. Because all of our customers want a home sold for the highest price in the shortest time period. So we conduct extensive, above-and-beyond research and do what’s necessary to nd out the scoop on properties – usually before they’re even listed.
Whether it’s with your home search or selling mission, we are ready to serve you. With passion, focus and drive, you can trust us to to make your real estate process a positive and successful one. Give us a call … we’re on the same team!